The History of Palmieri Food Products

Our story began in 1920, in our New Haven neighborhood grocery store…

My grandmother, Anna cooked her sauce for her family in the kitchen behind the store. Her customers, smelling the aroma of the simmering sauce, continually asked to buy some. This was the beginning of Palmieri Food Products.

Three generations later, the tradition of making the freshest and finest pasta sauce continues…

From my family to yours, Enjoy!!! – Patrick Palmieri



Thank you so much for the Marinara sauce, that we acquired from you. This was a perfect match with the 'Stephen G. Shore Recovery Trust' pasta dinner fund raiser. We fed over five hundred people. Steve and you both had similar qualities, Steve was a perfectionist, bass player, singer, a great friend and family man, and a product of CT. Just like your company. A home grown product that will make feel as good as a Steve Shore base line, and will make your taste buds sing. A friend and a welcome member of 'Stephen G. Shore Recovery Trust' family. THANKS AGAIN!!! P.S. PALMIERI SAUCE 'ROCKS' 500+ PEOPLE @ OUR FUND RAISER CAN'T BE WRONG...

Larry Drinkwater

We tried your sauces for the first time last year and have been buying them ever since. Any time we have guests over, they always rave about the flavor and we're happy to tell them your name and show your products. Keep up the good work!


It's the best--I stopped making my own and call yours mine


I tried your tomato basil sauce when I was in the Catskills this past weekend and nearly fainted at the fantastic taste.


I was walking in search of a jarred spaghetti sauce ay my local Giant Grocery store and was expecting to walk away with none because of the overly salted products which are mostly marketed. I personally do not believe a "good" product has to be laden with great amounts of salt. I took a chance and chose your product. I was pleasantly suprised - not only was it with less salt, it actually tasted like homemade. I usually do not relay my feelings on the internet, but I believe oyu warrant some feedback. Keep up the good work and I will continue consuming it.


Recently I was searching for a good sauce in a jar. I usually make my own Marinara but I came upon your pizza sauce. I looked at the ingredients and said this looks pretty good. Well I was right. Your pizza sauce is terrific. I just added a little red wine and used the sauce over rigatoni. I've made my own sauce (gravy) for years, coming from So. Bronx I learned much ffrom my italian friends grandmas. I'll tell you from now on I'll be using Palmieri's when I don't have time to prepare my own. I hope your co. offers more products down here in N.Y.C.

Raymond B

I'm writing on behalf of myself, my sister and brother-in-law. We just love your jar sauce it tastes homemade, as if we cooked it ourselves. Your sauce out does all those other sauces 100 times over. We are so lucky as residents of CT to have a company locally, that produces such a great product. I do hope your product sells many times more than all those other sauces. You deserve an award for excellance, for something that tastes so good. Good Luck - wishing you you well with your sales of Palmieri sauce.

Jo-Ann B

Just a short note to say I am absolutely crazy about your sauces. I can't remember a jar sauce anywhere near as tasty as yours. I don't know how I survived prior to finding Palmieri a few short years ago.

Norman L

I want you to know that the sauce was DELICIOUS. It ran a close first with my mother's.

Connie H

When I owned my deli I used your sauce! It was incredible! I love your sauce and want to continue to use it for my family.

Joe D

Just wanted to say that Palmieri's is the choice spaghetti sauce for me, as it was my mothers. I don't think my brother, who's 58, has ever had any other kind of jar sauce.


I am a big fan of your pizza sauce and meat sauce. I know I should make my own, but I feel your sauces are so close to the homemade ones.


I just bought your sauce today for the very first time and I love it.


Sorry, late to the game! Just tried pizza sauce...out of this world! Can't wait to try other sauces!


I was so glad to go to Geissler's Supermarket in Granby, CT this week and find your pasta sauces. The Spaghetti and Roasted Garlic sauces are delicious and have only 170 mg of sodium per serving; all others on the shelf have 400 mg and greater; this is important to me. It is also nice to see that Palmieri is not afraid to keep it all natural and that if I don't want to make my own, Palmieri is there--low sodium, all natural and delicious! Palmieri will be my store bought pasta sauce brand of choice from here on out!

Dave G

We purchased 2 of your large, 134 ounce bottle of pasta sauce at Sam's Club to use for our meatball grinders. We loaded our slow cookers with purchased meatballs and your sauce. It simmered most of the afternoon and we made our grinders for supper around 6pm. All of our diners were pleased with their grinders and thought we had made the sauce and meatballs from scratch! Thank you for making such an excellent product, it made our job easier and gave our diners a really great meal!